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You can either upload your grant files elsewhere (we recommend Zenodo) and provide a link to the file OR upload a pdf using the button at the bottom of the form.

By uploading a pdf:

1. You agree to allow us to share your file under the CC-BY license, following the conditions set out at

2. You acknowledge that you are the original copyright-owner of the file OR that you otherwise have permissions to agree to clause 1. above.

New grants are artisanally hand-processed so it might take a little while for them to show up on the site.

Upload a pdf of your grant:

Submit Directly To GitHub

If you’re familiar with GitHub you can skip the form and submit a pull request to directly add your grant to the site (or open an issue with the necessary information).

Grant information

Information for each grant is stored as YAML with fields for each key piece of information.

layout: grant
title: "Moore Investigator in Data Driven Discovery"
author: "Ethan P. White"
ORCID: 0000-0001-6728-7745
year: 2014
link: []
link_name: [Proposal]
funder: "Moore Foundation"
program: "Data Driven Discovery Investigators"
discipline: data science
status: funded

The items to the right of the : on each line should be changed to match the grant you want to add. Items in [] can be comma delimited lists to allow multiple documents to be included.

You can submit a pull request that adds the above information to a file named in the _grants folder of the GitHub repository. The lastname and firstname should be those for the lead PI. In the case of multiple grants by the same PI for the same year append letters in order to the date, e.g.

Or open an issue and paste the filled out YAML into that issue.

Author information

If you want you can also add information about the author in the form:

name: Ethan P. White
ORCID: 0000-0001-6728-7745
institution: University of Florida
twitter: ethanwhite

This can be submitted along with the grant information if you’re using an issue. If you’re submitting a pull request it should be placed in a file named in the _authors directory.