An increasing number of researchers are sharing their grant proposals openly. They do this to open up science so that all stages of the process can benefit from better interaction and communication and to provide examples for early career scientists writing grants. This is a list of 156 of these proposals to help you find them.

Year Funder Title Funded
2016 Institute of Museum and Library Services (US) Cobweb: A Collaborative Collection Development Platform for Web Archiving by Stephen Abrams Yes
2016 Shuttleworth Foundation Shuttleworth Fellowship Application by Donat Agosti No
2013 Egypt Excellence Scholarships Physics of Laser in Contemporary Visual Arts: the research protocol by Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien Yes
2014 Multiple Making sense of cancer data: Implications for personalized therapy and cancer biology by B. Arman Aksoy ?
2017 Shuttleworth Foundation Shuttleworth Fellowship Application by Mad Price Ball Yes
2016 National Health and Medical Research Foundation Meta-research: Using research to increase the value of health and medical research by Adrian G. Barnett Yes
2007 BBSRC Population Genomics of Retrotransposons in Drosophila by Casey Bergman No
2008 BBSRC pubmed2ensembl: a resource for linking biological literature to genome sequences by Casey Bergman Yes
2008 NERC Testing the impact of host demography on transposable element dynamics in Drosophila by Casey Bergman Yes
2008 EMBO EMBO Young Investigator Programme by Casey Bergman No
2016 NIH Regulation of Lipid Storage by mTORC1 by David Bridges Yes
2016 NIH Tissue Specific Inhibition of Diet-Induced Thermogenesis by David Bridges Yes
2007 NIH Cartwheel: Tools for Regulatory Genomics by C. Titus Brown No
2009 USDA Web tools for next-gen sequence analysis by C. Titus Brown Yes
2010 NIH A short course in analyzing next-generation sequencing data by C. Titus Brown Yes
2011 NSF CAREER: Scaling and Improving de Bruijn graph assembly by C. Titus Brown No
2012 Moore Foundation Marine metagenomics by C. Titus Brown Yes
2012 NSF Materials and Workshops for Cyberinfrastructure Education in Biology by C. Titus Brown Yes
2012 NSF Assembling Extremely Large Metagenomes by C. Titus Brown No
2012 NSF Low-memory Streaming Prefilters for Biological Sequencing Data by C. Titus Brown Yes
2014 Moore Foundation Moore Investigator in Data Driven Discovery by C. Titus Brown Yes
2010 NSF The role of diet, physiology, and behavior in thermoregulation and population growth of the invasive monk parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus) by Kevin R. Burgio Yes
2014 European Research Commission (ERC-StG-2014) Strategic Predictions for Quantum Field Theories by John Joseph M. Carrasco Yes
2017 Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Científico y Tecnológico (FONDECYT) Applying machine learning and image feature extraction techniques to the problem of cerebral aneurysm rupture by Steren Chabert ?
2009 Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Ecological and evolutionary impacts of pollinator sharing between cultivated and wild sunflowers by Scott Chamberlain No
2009 American Philosophical Society Do Cultivated Sunflowers Homogenize the Pollinator Communities of, and Selection on, Wild Sunflowers? by Scott Chamberlain No
2010 Prairie Biotic Research, Inc. Pollinator communities of crop and wild sunflowers by Scott Chamberlain Yes
WWF Kathryn Fuller Doctoral Fellowship Proposal by Scott Chamberlain No
American Society of Naturalists How do crop-mediated changes in mutualist and antagonist communities affect selection on floral and defense traits? by Scott Chamberlain No
USGS Ariel Appleton Research Fellowship Proposal - Ecological Networks by Scott Chamberlain No
Ecological Society of America Mechanisms for the Structure of Sonoran Desert Ant-Plant Mutualistic Communities by Scott Chamberlain No
NSF Mechanisms for the Structure of Sonoran Desert Ant-Plant Mutualistic Communities by Scott Chamberlain No
2016 Tzu Chi University College of Medicine, Taiwan Clinical roles of soluble ST2 for the outcomes of cardiac valve operations by Robert Jeenchen Chen ?
2016 Tzuchi University College of Medicine Bi-directional immuno-modulation by Matrix Metalloproteinase-7 (MMP-7) and A Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase-17 (ADAM-17) as transplantation rejection-tolerance spectrum by Robert Jeenchen Chen ?
2015 European Commission FRAXIFAM: Reconstructing gene family evolution in the ash genus (Fraxinus) by Endymion Cooper Yes
2011 NSF Automated and community synthesis of the tree of life by Karen Cranston Yes
2016 Studying the effect of Ruthenium on High Temperature Mechanical Properties of Nickel Based Superalloys and Determining the Universal Behavior of Ruthenium at Atomic Scale with respect to alloying elements, Stress and Temperature by Sriswaroop Dasari No
2009 NSF Functional Genomics of Maize Centromeres by Kelly Dawe, Jeff Ross-Ibarra, James Birchler, Jiming Jiang, Wayne Parrott, Gernot Presting Yes
2016 Australian Research Council (ARC) Can video improve grant review quality and lead to more reliable ranking? by Michael Doran No
2017 Mapping Open Access Societal Impact by ElHassan ElSabry No
2013 NSF Reversing long-term experiments to understand regime shifts by Morgan Ernest Yes
2014 NSF Incorporating time into the study of anthropogenic land use and disease by Michelle V. Evans No
2015 NSF Vector dynamics and disease transmission across an urban gradient by Michelle V. Evans Yes
2013 NSF A Bayesian Network Approach for Assessing Factors in Complex Disease Etiology by Jean Fan Yes
2015 NIH Computational Analysis of Subclonal Evolution in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia by Jean Fan Yes
2014 Arkansas Audubon Society Migratory Stopover Timing, Survival and Habitat Use of Fall Migrating Sora in Managed Wetlands in Missouri by Auriel M.V. Fournier Yes
2015 NSF Timing is everything: Identifying peak Rallidae call rate in southeast Australia by Auriel M.V. Fournier No
2016 NSF (US) Controlling the taxonomic variable: Taxonomic concept resolution for a southeastern United States herbarium portal by Nico Franz ?
2014 Endangered Language Documentation Project Documenting and describing Kagate, an endangered Tibeto-Burman language of Nepal by Lauren Gawne Yes
2016 Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation Software quality information needs by Daniel Graziotin Yes
2017 Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Genome-wide hypothesis generation for single-cell expression via latent spaces of deep neural networks by Casey S. Greene ?
2016 Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Widening the circle of care: An arts-based, participatory dialogue with stakeholders on cancer care for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in Ontario, Canada by Chad Hammond Yes
2008 NSF Evolution under simulated climate change in response to trophic shifts by Ted Harte Yes
2008 National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis Evolution under simulated climate change in response to trophic shifts by Ted Harte and Scott Chamberlain No
2015 Dutch Fulbright Center Problematic trial detection in by Chris HJ Hartgerink ?
2016 National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services (US) The value of statistical tools to detect data fabrication by Chris HJ Hartgerink ?
2016 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Improving the visibility of scholarly software work by James Howison Yes
2002 NSF The Prediction and Interpretation of Protein pKa’s Using QM/MM by Jan Jensen Yes
2006 EU Modeling pH-Dependence in Drug Design by Jan Jensen Yes
2006 Danish National Science Foundation Computational Prediction and Validation of Protein Structure and Function in Protein Engineering and Rational Drug Design by Jan Jensen Yes
2006 NSF Prediction and Interpretation of Protein pKa’s Using QM/MM by Jan Jensen Yes
2008 Danish National Science Foundation Computational Design of Stable Enzymes by Jan Jensen Yes
2010 Danish Center for Supercomputing Protein Design Using Quantum Mechanics by Jan Jensen Yes
2015 Danish National Science Foundation High Througput pKa Prediction Using Semi Empirical Methods by Jan Jensen Yes
2016 NSF Microbiome and stress: examining host-microbe responses in ascidians following acute low salinity exposure by Lisa K. Johnson ?
2016 DFG Benefits and costs of aphid phenological bet-hedging strategies by Jens Joschinski ?
2015 European Union Advancing marine conservation in European and contiguous seas with the MarCons Action by Stelios Katsanevakis Yes
2016 NWO Has frugivory influenced the macroecology and diversification of a tropical keystone plant family? by W. Daniel Kissling Yes
2017 Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC) eEcoLiDAR, eScience infrastructure for ecological applications of LiDAR point clouds: reconstructing the 3D ecosystem structure for animals at regional to continental scales by W. Daniel Kissling Yes
2013 National Institutes of Health (US) Concurrence Topology: Finding High-Order Dependence in Neuropsychiatric Data by Arno Klein No
2016 National Institutes of Health (US) Visual Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale: A Universal Iconic Questionnaire for Epidemiological Studies in India by Arno Klein No
2016 National Institutes of Health (US) Crowdsourcing voice editing and quality assessment of data collected from the largest mobile phone-based research study of Parkinson disease by Arno Klein No
2016 National Institutes of Health (US) Brain Graph Interface by Arno Klein No
2016 National Institutes of Health (US) A game for crowdsourcing the segmentation of BigBrain data by Arno Klein No
2016 National Institutes of Health (US) Graph-based clinical diagnosis and prediction using multi-modal neuroimaging data by Arno Klein No
2016 NSF (US) Data-Visual Relationships to Subject Performance and Eye Movements by Arno Klein No
2017 NWO Exotic forms of matter by Patrick Koppenburg No
2010 NSF Towards a comprehensive, community-owned and sustainable repository of reusable phylogenetic knowledge by Hilmar Lapp, William Piel, Michael Donoghue, Mark Westneat, Matt Bietz, Karen Cranston, David Maddison No
2016 European Union DNAqua-Net: Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment and monitoring of aquatic ecosystems in Europe by Florian Leese Yes
2013 NSF GRFP Application by Daniel J. Lurie Yes
2015 European Commission Enabling Open Science: Wikidata for Research (Wiki4R) by Daniel Mietchen No
2013 European Community (Framework 7) Is there a limit to biotic diversification? Insights from stochastic models of speciation and extinction by Olivier Missa Yes
2018 Czech Science Foundation Uncovering Regulatory Interactions in Cells with Bayesian Statistics by Martin Modrák No
1999 NSF Dissertation research: The market and the moral economy of Fulani pastoralists in northern Cameroon by Mark Moritz Yes
2008 NSF CAREER: Pastoral Management of Open Access: The Emergence of a Complex Adaptive System by Mark Moritz Yes
2009 NSF EEID: Livestock Movements and Disease Epidemiology in the Chad Basin: Modeling Risks for Animals and Humans by Rebecca Garabed (PI), Song Liang, Mark Moritz, and Ningshuan Xiao Yes
2012 NSF CNH: Exploring social, ecological, and hydrological regime shifts in the Logone Floodplain, Cameroon by Mark Moritz, Michael Durand, Ian Hamilton, Bryan Mark, Ningchuan Xiao Yes
2015 NSF RAPID: Studying the Effects of Disturbance in a Complex Socioecological System by Mark Moritz Yes
2013 DFG Language Science Press: A Publication Model for Open-Access Books in Linguistics by Stefan Müller and Martin Haspelmath Yes
2016 The Wellcome Trust ContentMine/ Proposal by Peter Murray-Rust No
2015 Academy of Finland (Suomen Akatemia) Unicorn–Open science for assessing environmental state, human health and regional economy by Pekka Neittaanmäki No
2015 IDRC Exploring the opportunities and challenges of implementing open research strategies within development institutions by Cameron Neylon and Leslie Chan Yes
2016 NSF A latent variable modeling approach to multi-taxa prediction by Kari Norman Yes
2016 DOE A latent variable modeling approach to multi-taxa prediction by Kari Norman Yes
2011 NERC Dark taxa: Preparing for a post-taxonomic future by Rod Page ?
2014 University of California Natural Reserve System Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant by William K. Petry Yes
2011 Sloan Foundation Total-impact by Heather Piwowar and Jason Priem Yes
2013 NSF Investigating the value of automatically-gathered software impact data by Heather Piwowar and Jason Priem Yes
2018 Wellcome Trust Open, complete, disambiguated database of authorship metadata in biomedicine by Heather Piwowar and Jason Priem ?
2013 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation ImpactStory grant proposal by Jason Priem and Heather Piwowar Yes
2012 National Institutes of Health International Clinics on Infectious Disease Dynamics and Data by Juliet R.C. Pulliam Yes
2007 CIHR Regulation of CRP-S promoters in H. influenzae and E. coli by Rosie Redfield Yes
2012 Cystic Fibrosis Canada The Haemophilus DNA Magnet by Rosie Redfield ?
2012 NSERC Bacterial DNA uptake and the evolution of sex by Rosie Redfield ?
2012 CIHR Predicting gene transfer in respiratory bacteria by Rosie Redfield ?
Single molecule dynamics of human transcription regulation by Andrey Revyakin Yes
2016 The Wellcome Trust Open Neuroimaging Laboratory by Amy Robinson and Roberto Toro Yes
2009 USDA Scanning for yield: high-throughput discovery of candidate agronomic loci for marker-assisted selection in maize by Jeff Ross-Ibarra Yes
2015 NSF The genetics of highland adaptation in maize by Jeff Ross-Ibarra Yes
2007 NWO Development and application of Massive Barcode-based Biodiversity Assessment (MBBA); a novel method for rapid estimation of species diversity by Menno Schilthuizen No
2009 NWO PhD Fellowship by Menno Schilthuizen Yes
2010 NWO Determinants of species diversity at 14 spatial scales in tropical microsnails from endangered limestone habitats by Menno Schilthuizen Yes
2011 NWO Evo-devo of chirality in insect genitalia by Menno Schilthuizen No
2014 NWO Sexual selection and the evolution of coiling direction in snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda) by Menno Schilthuizen No
2017 Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf Data Intensive Science by Nicolas Schmelling No
2010 NSF Forecasting regime shifts in ecosystems by David Seekell Yes
2011 National Science Foundation Conceptual and Methodological Advancements for Global-Scale Limnological Research by David Seekell Yes
2015 European Union The Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management System in Scholarly Publishing by Viktor Senderov Yes
2010 NSF The Biological Constraints of Learning in Fathead Minnows (Pimphales promelas) by Delia Shelton Yes
2016 NSF Developing groups and their response to anthropogenic change by Delia Shelton Yes
2016 The Wellcome Trust Roadmap: A Research Data Management Advisory Platform by Stephanie Simms No
2016 The Wellcome Trust SCINDR - The SCience INtroDuction Robot that will Connect Open Scientists by Chase Smith No
2014 European Union Unifying European Biodiversity Informatics (BioUnify) by Vince Smith No
2016 National Institutes of Health (US) Neural Systems for Infant Sensitivity to Phonological Rhythmic-Temporal Patterning by Adam Stone Yes
2014 NIH Gene Wiki: Expanding the ecosystem of community intelligence resources by Andrew Su Yes
2017 NIH Gene Wiki: A community-maintained knowledge base of biomedical information by Andrew Su Yes
2014 NSF Dynamic macroecology: Globally assessing body size diversity response to environmental change by Sarah Supp Yes
2015 Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Heteroatom quantum corrals and nanoplasmonics in graphene (HeQuCoG) by Toma Susi Yes
2012 LTER Data Management and Computational Skills Training for LTER Scientists by Tracy Teal, Ethan White, and Greg Wilson No
2012 New Széchenyi Plan (ÚSZT) [Hungarian] Tools of Persuasion in Visual Advertisements at Maltese Sites of Cultural Tourism: A Social Science Analysis by János Tóth Yes
2015 The Hungarian Diaspora Council (Nemzeti Regiszter) Historical analysis of strategies for assimilation and identity maintenance in dispersed groups of overseas Hungarians and their relevance regarding national policy planning by János Tóth No
2011 NASA Fuelwood, Savannas, and Climate Change: Integrating Modeling, Field Experimentation, and Optical and Radar Remote Sensing by Andrew Tredennick Yes
2014 NSF Diversity-stability relationships and coexistence: new theory and empirical tests by Andrew Tredennick Yes
2016 European Union PESFOR-W: Improving the design and environmental effectiveness of woodlands for water Payments for Ecosystem Services by Gregory Valatin Yes
2017 Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) Tracking Invasive Alien Species (TrIAS): Building a data-driven framework to inform policy by Sonia Vanderhoeven Yes
Macroevolutionary dynamics of marine algae by Heroen Verbruggen Yes
2012 University of Melbourne Genomic tools to study coral reef resilience by Heroen Verbruggen Yes
2012 ARC Evolutionary dynamics of the algae: Understanding adaptive potential under environmental change by Heroen Verbruggen No
2013 Australian Biological Resources Study Molecular systematics of the siphonous green algae by Heroen Verbruggen Yes
2015 Australian Research Council Genome dynamics following plastid endosymbiosis by Heroen Verbruggen Yes
2015 University of Melbourne and FAPESP Marine genomics: Genome biology and evolution of key primary producers by Heroen Verbruggen Yes
ARC Probing key innovations with next generation sequencing by Heroen Verbruggen No
2008 NSF A Digital Repository for Preservation and Sharing of Data Underlying Published Works in Evolutionary Biology by Todd Vision Yes
2012 NSF Sustainable and Scalable Infrastructure for the Publication of Data by Todd Vision Yes
2015 DFG Continuous and Focused Developer Feedback on Software Quality (CoFoDeF) by Stefan Wagner ?
2013 ERC IMMUNENESIS by Detlef Weigel Yes
2005 NSF Broad-scale patterns of the distribution of body sizes of individuals in ecological communities by Ethan P. White Yes
2008 NSF Understanding multimodality in animal size distributions by Ethan P. White Yes
2010 NSF CAREER: Advancing Macroecology Using Informatics and Entropy Maximization by Ethan P. White Yes
2014 Moore Foundation Moore Investigator in Data Driven Discovery by Ethan P. White Yes
2016 The Wellcome Trust Paperity Central: An Open Catalog of All Scholarly Literature by Marcin Wojnarski No
2013 National Science Foundation Use of morphological data for estimation of phylogenetic trees by April M. Wright Yes
2016 NSF Fossilized Birth-Death Dating in Formicidae by April M. Wright Yes
2008 National Science Foundation Coevolution and co-divergence in a classical obligate mutualism between Joshua tree (*Yucca brevifolia*) and its pollinators (*Tegeticula* spp.) by Jeremy B. Yoder Yes