Call for Advisory Committee Participation

We are no longer accepting applications for the Planning for Open Grants Advisory Committee.


Planning for Open Grants: Fostering a Transparent and Accessible National Research Infrastructure, an initiative led by the University of Florida, has undertaken an 18-month effort to establish a blueprint for implementation of a repository of openly accessible grant proposals and funding guidelines. Bringing experts together is crucial to the success of this initiative, both to envision the potential benefits as well as potential barriers. 12 advisors—including grant funders, research administrators, librarians, archivists, scholars, policy experts, and technologists—have joined the project to engage in conversation and provide feedback on deliverables throughout the award period.

We seek 8 additional advisors to provide their unique perspectives on this endeavor, rooted in individual lived experience and professional interest. Advisors will be paid a $1000 honorarium and $1000 travel stipend and commit to:

We especially encourage and welcome applications from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), first-generation graduate students, and students, faculty, and staff from Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Minority Serving Institutions, and Tribal Colleges & Universities.

At this time, we are limiting external advisors to US residents, due to travel funding restrictions. If you are not a US resident, but are interested in our project, please stay tuned for opportunities to participate in our virtual calls.

About You

Advisors should have some knowledge of grants or fellowships and efforts to promote open access to research; however, there is no requirement for expertise in these areas or specialized technical knowledge. Instead, we ask you to bring your own knowledge and experiences to the table, to help the broader team better understand which aspects of the funding process are opaque and what we might learn through with access to a larger swath of proposals. How, for instance, might access to proposals help shed light on crafting a work plan or budget? How do collaborator networks develop through grant initiatives, and how might we enhance these through awareness of others’ work? How might we encourage long-term engagement and community building to make access to proposals a starting point for partnerships and conversation?

While we welcome advisors with a wide range of disciplinary or professional backgrounds, during the planning phase we will focus on three major case studies in areas where we have identified existing need and interest in aggregating funding proposals:

To apply, please submit, by Monday, February 21:

via email to, with the subject “{YOUR NAME} Application for Advisory Committee, Planning for Open Grants”


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services Award # LG-250067-OLS-21.

Institute of Museum and Library Services